Implementing the 5 Minute Binary Options Strategy


When you first start to trade in binary options, it can be hard to know what kinds of strategies to use. One of the best places to start is a classic trade technique that can be helpful both for novice and expert traders, the 5 minute binary options strategy. This strategy is the most helpful when you are working with certain kinds of assets, as we’ll explore in the sections below, but it can add a good degree of flexibility to your trading style as you encounter various market conditions.

What you’ll need is the ability to check common charts and analytical tools, a partnership with a high quality binary options broker, and the ability to wait for a short period of time to see the outcome of your trade predictions. The specific indicator that you’ll need to employ is the derivative oscillator, which checks on the momentum of the asset in question to put out a specific prediction on the likely directional changes in the asset.

Next, you’ll want to ensure that you have your broker settings created to allow time windows of 5 minutes on trades. If your trade window is not set appropriately, the signals that are provided by your indicator will not be helpful and accurate. While it is possible to use the 5 minute binary options strategy with other lengths of time, the outcomes of the trade are not likely to be as positive as if you stick with the standard 5 minute time period.

Because the indicator being used is best with stocks that are traded in large quantities and have less volatility than others, you’ll want to consider the type of asset that you are trading in before implementing this particular technique. For example, stocks for popular companies like Apple or Amazon or currency pairs with low volatility, like the US dollar and the Euro, would be well matched with this strategy.

Once all of these considerations are accounted for, you can begin to watch the indicator. When you notice that the bars for the oscillator are aligned in the same direction with the candles for price action, you can identify actionable opportunities to make a trade. Watch out for a change in the directions for the indicator and make a prediction through your broker using this information with a 5 minute trade window. About three-quarters of the time, if you’ve correctly considered the suggestions of the indicator, you should experience success using this method.

The 5 minute binary options strategy is not perfect for every situation that may arise, but it can be used both by experienced and novice traders to make the best of certain situations and does not require extensive research or access to hard-to-use charting tools.

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