Porter Finance Review

Conditions U.S. traders welcome? RATING
Return: 83%
Min.deposit: $200
Bonus: 100%

Porter Finance Review

No matter how many brokers you review there will occasionally be a time when you find one who is simply a cut above the rest. Porter Finance is a broker specializing in binary options and one which has started to be noticed by a variety of traders and even other brokers. They have been noticed for all the right reasons; their service is excellent and even their website is well designed.

They have already received several awards; these are connected with the wide range of options available to traders using their services and how sophisticated yet intuitive their website is. The firm appears to hit all the right buttons:


Basic Details

They are based in the UK and have been trading since 2014. However, they are not UK registered and do not need to conform to any specific regulations. Their service is open to everyone, except for those who are based in Turkey. They have set their maximum rate of returns at over eighty percent and they offer a welcome bonus which will match your initial investment. You will need to make an initial deposit of at least two hundred dollars, although you can trade from as little as $5

Their service, just like any other, has a range of advantages and disadvantages:


  • Very good welcome bonus.

  • US residents welcome to use their services.

  • A track record of gaining high rates of return

  • A low rate for your trades

  • Excellent website and very easy to use.


  • Turkish customers are not allowed to become members with any of their schemes.

Features of their Package

Porter Finance are attempting to give investors the widest possible range of investment options; they are also very keen on providing a fun, entertaining and informative environment. Allowing you to trade successfully and enjoy the process.

  • Bonus

Surprisingly Porter Finance will match your initial deposit, no matter how large it is! This is not something you would generally get when signing up to a broker. A bonus is a great addition to your available funds. If you are unsure regarding a specific investment then you can choose to invest based on the fact that you can use your bonus funds, although you would prefer to win every trade, the bonus will give you the confidence to invest, even if you are not sure what the outcome will be; this gives all the excitement of the trade without any real risk. The amount of your first deposit will decide which account you are eligible to have and the percentage bonus which is attached to that level will be added to your account within a few hours.

It is important to note that the binary options bonus is only given if you agree to obey a few rules and that any funds can not be immediately withdrawn; if they could it would be very easy to sign up for an account and just take the bonus money! Before you can withdraw any funds you will need to trade thirty times the value of your sign up bonus.

Return on Investment

Porter Finance advertise that their rate of return is over eighty percent, better than many brokers within the industry. With a little experience and practice it is perfectly feasible to achieve this rate.

Having such a good rate of return simply serves to confirm that this broker is aware of what is going on in the markets and can help make you a successful trader; no matter what your initial deposit or your experience level.

Types of Account

Different accounts have different features, this is standard across the industry; the larger the deposit you pay the more features you are able to access and the higher you return rate is likely to be.

  • The Basic Account

Your initial deposit must be between $250 and $999; it is the starter account but you will still receive a 25% bonus and several information releases, including an e-book on trading. This is definitely the option to take if you are new to the site and wish to experience the thrill of binary trading.

  • Standard

This account is for investors who deposit between $1000 and $2499 and offers up to 40% deposit bonus. Alongside the information package offered to basic members you will receive a trading academy membership and details of one strategy which has proven to be successful.

  • Silver

If you are looking to invest between $2500 and $4999 then this is the account for you. You will get up to 60% deposit bonus and five webinars, which will help to improve your trading pattern. You will also be entitled to make three trades which will be completely refunded if they end up out of the money. You will even get several lessons with an experienced broker.

  • Gold

If you are planning to deposit over $5000 then this account will offer you everything you get with the other accounts and a whopping 85% trading bonus. In addition there will be an extra five webinars, a money management system and the opportunity to make six trades which will be refunded if they end up out of the money.

The Trading Platform

The SpotOption software is favored by many of the best brokers and this is the one that Porter Finance uses. The platform is designed to be easy to use regardless of your level of experience. The layout can even be customized to help you navigate quickly when you need to!


There are a wide range of assets listed by this firm, covering most options you can think of and certainly giving a large enough range for any level of investor to be happy with.

Porter Finance also has a range of options to ensure you can make more successful trades and learn even more about the market as you trade.


Their site also offers a variety of tips and tools to help ensure you have all the information you need and can make the right decision for your finances. There is even an Education Center and a variety of courses, depending upon your skill level.

Porter Finance also offers a demo account which allows you to experience the thrill of investing without the risks; an excellent way to get started!


Whether you deal in Visa, MasterCard, Amex or even some of the online bank systems, such as Skrill Moneybookers; you will find a suitable way to deposit your funds into the broker and start trading, or you can withdraw your funds via anyone of the extensive list of options.

Most withdrawals are completed within two days of the request being received, although there are some which will take longer and you will need to confirm any charges associated with the withdrawal.

The site is guaranteed to be safe and secure; your funds will be safe with these experienced newcomers to the binary options scene.

Customer Service

Finally, it is worth noting that their customer service is excellent. You can contact them via a wide variety of means including Skype and email. They will always do their best to help and resolve any issue and can help you find the right trade for your needs.

Porter Finance has already gained a high level of satisfaction amongst its followers; the level of bonuses and speed of service is perhaps the most helpful; their services can be used, no matter how experienced you are.


Binary Options Broker Conditions U.S. traders welcome? RATING
Return: 92%
Min.deposit: $250
Bonus: 100%

Return: 89%
Min.deposit: $250
Bonus: 100%
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Min.deposit: $250
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