Super Simple Bot Review


The economic crisis of 2008 has led to many people reviewing their income possibilities and looking to alternative options. Super Simple Bot is one solution to this issue. They offer an opportunity to generate an income through an automated trading process. Read this review of Super Simple Bot to find out more!

Super Simple Bot – the Basics

The Super Simple Bot is free to access and offers an 89% rate of return. It can be used as a manual system or as a completely autonomous one. The results of the Super Simple Bot are proven and they even come with a money back guarantee. The website is well laid out and you are even given the option to use your current broker. However, if you wish to ask the Super Simple Bot support team any questions you will need to be registered with them; live chat is not an option for those who are not registered.

The software simply looks at the current data and locates the best potential trades. It does not attempt to convince you that it has a magic formula.

Getting started with Super Simple Bot

In the same way that you can access most of the automated trading software, Super Simple Bot requires you to complete a simple registration form on their website and choose a broker. On an exceptionally positive note there is no list of approved brokers you must register with; you can select any one you want. The Super Simple Bot is completely autonomous and offers an average winning rate of 89%. Surprisingly, such a high rate is normally the sign of a scam; but in this case there are proven results.

Conclusion – Is Simple Bot genuine?

The positive feedback and the array of well designed and easy to use features are enough to convince anyone that the Super Simple Bot is a genuine product. If you are looking to generate consistent profits from an automated system then the Super Simple Bot is one to try.

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