Silver Millionaire Review


Any system which promises to generate millions in profits is going to attract attention. The question is whether the Silver Millionaire is capable of delivering on this promise or is simply another Silver Millionaire scam.

Introducing the Silver Millionaire

When difficult economic times or uncertain events take over, traders seek refuge in gold and other precious metals. Robert Crawford, the designer of the Silver Millionaire, has decided that too many people chase the gold when silver can provide just as lucrative a return. His system, the Silver Millionaire, focuses on trading in silver and claims to have created millions for himself and his customers. The software is supposed to have an impressive 95% win rate; yet it is free providing you sign up with one of their approved brokerages. The website is professional looking and well developed whilst offering a fully autonomous trading system.

However, this may simply be a Silver Millionaire scam. The response from the customer support team is terrible and it is not easy to find your way around the site. It is also concerning that the Silver Millionaire is not currently licensed and there is no proof provided regarding the potential profits.

Getting Started with the Silver Millionaire

The Silver Millionaire requires a few personal details and your registration with an affiliated broker. You will then need to place at least $250 in the trade account before the Silver Millionaire can work its magic. It is possible to set a few risk parameters to provide you with some control over the trades being placed with your funds.

Should you generate any profits you will be able to withdraw them in-line with the terms and conditions.

Conclusion – Is Silver Millionaire genuine?

Sadly, it would appear the Silver Millionaire is actually the Silver Millionaire scam. It attempts pressure selling by telling you there are limited places left. This combined with the limited controls and the lack of information regarding the strategies and the business suggest it is best to avoid the Silver Millionaire and use a service which has already earned a better reputation.

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