Trading binary options - 5 things to avoid


Joining the Recently Established Binary Options Broker

Each day binary options are getting more and more recognized. That is why there regularly appears a large number of fresh brokers’ offices. Meanwhile, there is a certain quantity of binary options brokers, which are functioning for many years and have faithful work history. Thus, signing up for the newly appeared brokers is not rationally, taking into consideration the sufficient quantity of old brokers in good standing. Although, these new brokers may have really appealing trades and profits, it is still recommended to keep to the brokers with experience and reputation.

It is better for other traders to try these newly launched brokers, not you. You always have a possibility to join them, if they will show themselves as perspective, however do not try to be among the first ones to test them.

Receiving a Binary Options Bonus, However Not Figuring Out Its Functions

If you have sufficient amount of practice, binary options bonuses would be beneficial to level up your initial trading investing. When you agree to take the bonus, you accept to leave and take your money only after achieving the concrete requirements regarding the trading sum.

These rules intend to stop traders from just signing up, preparing the deposit, getting the binary options bonus, and then making a withdrawal, taking all the funds with themselves. The bonus could be beneficial for long-time traders, who have experience and realize that they will be trading binary options for a long time. For beginners, who have little deposit, bonus is a lock, which freezes the funds and stops from a withdrawal. To make it simple, do not take bonuses, if you are new in trading binary options.

Granting You A Binary Options Account Manager a Right To Operate For You

It is unacceptable in any shape or form to let your account manager to operate instead of you. There are some unfaithful brokers existing, whose account managers persuade their customers to give them the right to handle the trades for them. They are explaining this, as if it will be helpful in winning. Do not trust in this manipulation. Firstly, learn in what way binary brokers gain profit. They grow rich, if their customers fail. Thus, there are no reasons for an account manager of a particular broker to assist you in winning.


Occasionally, it happens like this. Account managers operate with the customer’s deposited minimal sum, and commit successful deals. This, in turn, inspires trader to invest more money. However, in the end this big deposit will be lost, because the account manager will knowingly put it into an unsuccessful deal.

In case an account manager contacts you and proposes to trade from your account, do reject this offer in a polite way. Then, try to take out your money, as it might seem that the broker is distrustful.

Still, do not attack your broker for this manipulation. This could cause their anger and desire to bite back. Be polite and claim that at the moment for certain reasons you do not have a possibility to continue operating and want to take out your money, but probably you will come back in future. Be accurate and do not let them know you have realized their dirty game.

Avoiding Any Binary Options Trading Policies and Behaving In An Unplanned Way

In case you start to operate in chaotic way without keeping to a certain policy, trading binary options can turn into gambling. Binary options include policies for short-run and long-run activities.

Try to always follow a particular suitable policy, or you will fail in any case.

Make Big Investments In Binary Options Trades When Beginning

When you start trading binary options avoid putting big sums in your trades, particularly if you have deposited only a minimal amount of money. There are many cases, when traders operate with big sums up to hundred dollars at each trade. This is entirely incorrect and risky.

Achieving success in binary options requires a lot of time. Reaching success rate equivalent to eighty out of hundred will still preserve a possibility for the remaining twenty failed trades to come in a row (which is not likely). By saying this, we would like to clarify that depositing two hundred dollars and afterwards putting in fifty bucks into each next trade, can lead you to losing the deposited sum in only four trades.

For beginners and traders of binary options minimal deposit it is recommended to sign up for brokers, which offer the possibility of little deposits, for example, up to ten dollars and work with them to gain experience.

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