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US Binary Options BrokersBinary trading originally started in the US; for this reason trading in these options is very popular in the US. However, the US binary options market is known to be extremely secure; there are strict regulations in place to control who can be a US binary options brokers and how they must operate. This is done to protect the interests of the many US consumers.

In order to be considered one of the legitimate US binary options brokers you will need to have a US issued license; these can only by the CFTC and you must have one if you wish to attract US citizens to trade with you. Interestingly a trader can choose to trade with USA binary options brokers or one who is not registered in the US, but a trader cannot seek to get the business of a trader in the US unless they have the above license; this is a cornerstone of the current USA binary options regulations.

The Legality of USA Binary Options

Binary trading is legal in the US an there are a number of traders who are approved by one of the two US regulatory bodies; the CFTC and the SEC. There are also many European registered businesses which offer their services to US traders despite the fact that the US regulatory bodies are relatively hostile to them.

Both the CFTC and the SEC monitor binary trading and will award licenses to binary options brokers who meet the strict US criteria. A US binary options broker who obtains this license must offer a fair service and look after the security of the customer’s data. Not adhering to these rules means a heavy fine, possibly a revocation of their license and even a prison sentence for the binary brokers. All of these factors combine to make it very difficult for any offshore binary broker to obtain a license to operate in the US.

Types of US Binary Options Brokers for US Traders

A US resident can choose to use registered USA binary options brokers or, they can choose to use one which is classed as offshore. The majority of these are licensed in Europe and still abide by very similar rules and regulations to those in force for USA binary options.

The Offshore Broker

Most brokers with US traders are registered offshore. These firms are generally those that have taken the time to register and want to be regulated. They will acknowledge and accept the terms of trading in the US. A firm which is registered in Europe will be a safe bet for any US trader; it is essential to confirm the firm is genuine before you create an account.

The limited number of US binary options brokers allowed to operate in the US means that there is a limited amount of competition and not a lot of scope for diversifying their product range. In contrast, European binary brokers have a large amount of competition and are always looking for and implementing new methods and strategies in order to attract and keep customers. Of course, whilst these brokers offer a better service than their US counterparts, they cannot actively seek customers in the US. Doing so leaves the firm open to prosecution by the US regulatory bodies.

US Binary Options Brokers

Despite binary options originating in the US there are very few laws established in the US regarding binary options. This means it is difficult for a broker to get approval. In fact, Nadex is the only organization with a US binary license at present. Most people within the binary industry expect this situation to change in the near future; it has been suggested that new regulations would allow the CFTC to give licenses to US based and foreign brokers; opening the market up considerably.

The Best US Binary Options Brokers

There are several key criteria which need to be met before you can decide which is the best broker offering USA binary options:

  • Licensing

A binary broker should have a valid license. At the moment the safest place to have a licensed issued is in the European Union, although Cyprus has the largest regulatory body in the world, any firm registered properly in Europe will need to abide by the same set of rules. It is common for the best brokers to also have a UK license.

  • Software

It is best to check what operating platform your broker of choice currently uses. Most brokers use one of the professionally approved platforms. This makes it easy to find your way around and you can feel confident that the market information is up to date and accurate. This is essential to make sure you do not make pointless mistakes.

Professional software also means that a broker can offer flexible expiry times and a large array of other options.

  • Trading Options

The best binary options brokers in the US or Europe will have an extensive number of assets on their books. The larger the choice the easier it will be for you to locate a trade that you wish to place. For US traders the asset list and trading types must be relevant to the US market. USA binary options traders tend to stick to their home market when trading.

There should also be a good range of options; from price direction, to boundary, touch and even short term; thirty or sixty second contracts.

  • Payouts

The payout rate is usually advertised by the US Binary Options Brokers and is very obvious before you create an account. The higher the rate of return the larger your profit can be and the fewer successful trades you will need to break even. A payout rate of ninety percent on a $200 trade will give you $180 profit. The same trade with a seventy percent payout will only give you $140 profit. The $40 difference will quickly add up with several successful trades.

Unless the USA binary options broker has something special to offer you then you should simply go for the registered broker with the highest payout rate.

Brokers for US Residents

The following brokers offer a competitive and fair service for all US residents; although they are not registered to attract US traders:

BinaryMate has an excellent array of long term options and emphasizes high quality services.

Finpari offers withdrawals in one hour and ten percent cash back on trades which end up out of the money; they are definitely worth a try.