15 Minute Binary Options Strategy


Some of the best binary options traders out there experience the kind of success that they do because they understand the power of having an arsenal of strategies ready for any kind of situation. While there are a number of different techniques that are available for trade periods with a quick time of expiry, there are fewer options in longer-term trades. The 15 minute binary options strategy works best with two basic indicators and does not require a lot of technical knowledge to implement. In general, this strategy works well about three out of every four trades, although this level of success varies based on the kinds of assets that it is paired with.

Using the Right Charting Tools for the 15 Minute Binary Options Strategy

For the tools that you use to be fully effective, you’ll need to make sure that you have your settings optimized for your charts. There are some great tools out there to help you to do this. Once you have chosen the assets that you are going to work with, make sure that your brokerage settings are set to allow 15 minute trade windows. Open up your analytical tools and add the moving linear regression indicator to the chart that you open up. Next, add in a moving average indicator to your chart. Change your period settings for the indicator to 10 and apply the changes to your chart and you’ll be set to begin to use the 15 minute binary options strategy.

Working with the 15 Minute Binary Options Strategy

This particular strategy works best when you use it along with stocks that are traded in large volumes or with currency pairs that are not very volatile. Assets that are more volatile tend to cancel out the helpfulness of the indicators that work with this strategy, so they are not ideal. The kinds of stocks that you might consider using can include Nike or Amazon, while solid currencies can include USD and CHF or the Euro and the US dollar.

As you are monitoring the two factors in the chart, you’ll want to watch to see when the lines for the two indicators cross each other’s paths. If the cross occurs in a down-facing trend, you’ll want to predict a rise in the value, while an upward trend will predict a future drop in value of the 15 minute trading period.

While the 15 minute binary options strategy is simple to use, it can predict the trends of given assets with a fairly decent degree of certainty. Because it is easy to understand, even new traders to the binary options market can use this technique to take advantage of market trends.

Remember that no strategy is perfect for every situation in the options marketplace. However, if you apply the 15 minute binary options strategy at the right time and using the right assets, you can take advantage of common indicators and increase your likelihood of making a positive trade.

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