Millionaire Bot Review


If James Robinson told you that you could generate over a million dollars in less than six months using the Millionaire Bot would you jump for joy? It is a fantastic claim and one that many people would love to take advantage of; but is it possible? Should you be signing up to the Millionaire Bot now?

Introduction to the Millionaire Bot

The Millionaire Bot is another product which is offering massive returns through binary trading even with no experience. The system will generate several quality signals every day and offers returns of 95% in the process! It is completely free to use and can be fully automated if required.

However, the Millionaire Bot also suffers from poor quality reviews and extreme difficulty in contacting their customer support team; never mind getting a response to a query. These facts, combined with the lack of proof of earnings suggest that the Millionaire Bot scam is a better title. It is also disappointing to note there are no original features included in this software.

Using the Millionaire Bot

The set-up is simple. You must register on the Millionaire Bot website and create a facility with one of their affiliated brokerages. It is then possible to add the minimum start-up capital - $250. Millionaire Bot will then do all the work!

Unfortunately, although this part is simple the results do not appear to be in the same league as you would expect. There are many traders who have commented that they have been unable to make a profit and many more who have lost all their funds. This does not suggest a Millionaire Bot success, rather a Millionaire Bot scam!

Conclusion – Is Millionaire Bot a scam?

The Millionaire Bot appears to have been revamped and re-launched on several occasions. This is disturbing and when added to the poor performance, unproven results and lack of credible feedback; leaves you to believe this is a Millionaire Bot scam. The best approach would be to leave the Millionaire Bot for someone else and register with a trusted software system.

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